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Numerous possibilities

By collaborating with specialized partners experienced in installing custom-made fireplaces, customers can enjoy a fireplace that fits perfectly with their specific interior and style preferences.

Whether it's an open fireplace, a built-in unit, or a fireplace with a modern appearance, the installation process can be completely tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the customer. This includes choosing the right material, dimensions, design, and even the type of fuel used. This flexibility allows customers to create a fireplace that perfectly matches the style and character of their interior.

​Whether it's a modern, classic, or contemporary design, custom solutions provide the ultimate freedom to create a unique and personalized fireplace that adds a warm and inviting atmosphere to any living space.

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Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly fireplaces

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Choose a decorative Fireplace

Xaralyn Bio ethanol sfeerhaard


Decorative fireplace

A fireplace with real fire, environmentally friendly, and without a chimney.


Xaralyn Elektrische sfeerhaard


Decorative fireplace

​Combine the effect of realistic fire with a heating function. See all our decorative fireplaces.


Xaralyn Waterdamp sfeerhaard

Water vapor

Decorative fireplace

The water vapor creates an illusion of a real flame. Environmentally friendly, and without a chimney.


Xaralyn Accessoires sfeerhaard


& Spare Parts

Complete your decorative fireplace with our accessories and parts.


We provide you with personalized advice.

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Step inside our showroom or visit our dealers and discover the warmth and coziness that will completely transform your home. Let yourself be inspired by our extensive range and find the perfect fireplace for your dream interior!


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FAQ about custom solutions

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Xarayn does not provide assembly and installation of fireplaces at home. We can arrange customization for you through our partners.

Certainly, we can provide you with that. Please contact us for more information.

No, unfortunately, this is not possible. All our fireplaces have fixed dimensions. However, there are multiple sizes available for several types of fireplaces that you can choose from.

Try our bio-ethanol fireplace for free* for 30 days.

We are eager to convince you of our Fire System!