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All reviews, both positive and negative, help us gain insight into our product and service. This helps us better understand what you, as a customer, find important. After all, we need your trust.

Reviews have become an integral part of the modern shopping experience. They are the contemporary version of word-of-mouth recommendations. Many purchases are based on the opinions of others. A 5-star review for Xaralyn | Clean Fire System isn't always automatic. In most countries, excellent service is often rated with 5 stars. In the Netherlands, a 10 is rarely given, and a 5-star review is considered extremely positive. We strive to earn a full ten points from our customers

As a customer, you may have doubts. Can you trust all the glowing reviews? In the past, many companies manipulated reviews, but in 2022, a law was enacted to prohibit fake reviews. Companies with only very positive or very short reviews are therefore suspicious.

A dissatisfied customer is more likely to leave a review than a satisfied one, as good service is often seen as "normal." To counteract negative reviews, companies sometimes do more than should be expected. This is not a positive development, as customers who complain less or not at all do not receive the same treatment. Every customer should be treated equally!

We collect reviews automatically through an external party, Trusted Shops. After each order, the customer receives a request via email to leave a review. Through the review portal of Trusted Shops, they are asked to provide an evaluation on several points such as service and delivery time.

Through Google, anyone can leave a review. Google reviews are not verified by Google and can be left by individuals who have never made a purchase from us.

The key, therefore, lies with the large silent group of satisfied customers. Don't just let us know when you're dissatisfied, but also let us know when you're very satisfied.

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