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Within Europe, there is a strict standard established for safe bioethanol fireplaces by the joint member states, the EN 16647:2015.
However, this does not mean that all bio ethanol fireplaces offered within the EU comply with this standard. This safety standard for bio ethanol fireplaces can only be seen as advice from the EU.

While bioethanol falls under 'dangerous substances', it may be used indoors as fuel for bioethanol fireplaces that do not meet safety standards. A CE marking on these products adds to the confusion. A bioethanol fireplace with a CE certification is considered adequate according to the guidelines but not safe according to the European Norm (EN).

What do the different certifications mean then?

CE Marking: For products produced outside of Europe, there is the CE marking, literally Conformité Européene. All products produced outside of Europe must be tested for compliance with the minimum requirements of the EU for admission. The CE marking requires conformity with the health, safety, performance, and environmental requirements that are relevant to those products.

EN Marking: European Standards are developed under the auspices of the European standardization organization CEN in Brussels and are published per country by the affiliated national standardization institutes. These standards are documented, non-binding agreements. Standards are not mandatory. The European Commission encourages the voluntary application of standards that seem useful to it.

A bioethanol fireplace with a CE marking may therefore comply with a European Norm (EN), which must be explicitly mentioned. A bioethanol fireplace with a CE marking meets the minimum requirements for admission to the European market. A bioethanol fireplace with an EN marking meets the highest relevant standard in terms of health, safety, performance, and environment.

In the case that there is no marking on a bioethanol burner, the supplier is responsible for ensuring that the product meets the minimum requirements. In the event of a damage claim, insurance companies can also refer to a piece of personal responsibility. Inspection bodies such as Kiwa or Tüv can certify a bioethanol fireplace to verify compliance with the European Norm. A bioethanol fireplace or bioethanol burner that has been certified by an inspection body always has a certificate.

It is known that burning a bioethanol fireplace can be extremely dangerous, yet unsafe bioethanol fireplaces and burners are still allowed to be sold in the European market. Meanwhile, completely safe bioethanol fireplaces or burners that meet all requirements of the joint European standardization organizations are available on the market.

​As consumers, we are enticed with a lower price for a bioethanol fireplace along with a nice sales story of 'if you're careful, nothing will happen'. So, the choice is yours. Are you choosing your wallet or your safety?

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