A fireplace adds atmosphere to any room

Fireplaces have been a central feature in homes around the world for centuries. Not only do they provide warmth and comfort, but they also add coziness and charm to any room. Discover the many possibilities and enjoy cozy moments by the fire.

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Customize your own fireplace!

​From fireplace to central heating to a Xaralyn fireplace. A Xaralyn fireplace is energy-efficient, clean, environmentally friendly, and can be placed anywhere.

Xaralyn fireplaces can, in most cases, be combined with various electric or bioethanol fireplace inserts. You first choose a mantelpiece, then you decide on the material or color. You further personalize this fireplace by selecting from the various electric or bio ethanol built-in fireplaces. For some mantelpieces, more than 40 combinations are possible in this way.

Fossil stone surrounds
Especially unique are our fossil stone mantelpieces. Each natural stone mantelpiece is hand-finished and has a distinctive look. The end result is a unique mantelpiece with a vintage appearance.

We affix a layer of natural stone, fossil stone, onto a wooden base, which is then smoothed. The end result is a fully natural stone fireplace with a relatively low weight. By keeping the weight low in this manner, the fireplace becomes much easier to move and takes on more of a furniture-like quality.

Delivered fully assembled!
The fireplace is always delivered to you fully assembled, a chimney or flue is not required, you only need to find a suitable spot in your home!

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Everything you need to know about a fireplace

The atmosphere makers in every interior

Traditional fireplaces are the classic choice for many homeowners. They have a rustic look and provide a direct and impressive source of warmth. These fireplaces are often built with bricks or natural stone and have an open firebox. Many modern homes are delivered without a chimney or flue. Installing a chimney also incurs significant costs.  

Electric fireplaces 

Electric fireplaces offer a modern twist on traditional fireplaces. They use electricity to produce realistic flames and heat effects, without the need for a chimney or smoke vent. This makes them ideal for apartments or homes without a chimney.

Bioethanol fireplaces 

Bioethanol fireplaces are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fireplaces. They burn bioethanol, a renewable fuel produced from plant materials. These fireplaces produce no smoke or ash and require no chimney, making them an excellent choice for modern, environmentally conscious homeowners. Yet, they offer the real flames consumers seek without the drawbacks and hassle of fireplace wood.

Built-in fireplaces 

Built-in fireplaces offer seamless integration with the interior of a home. They can be built into a wall, surrounded by stone, tiles, or even a custom-made mantel. This option provides a sleek and modern look. With our Xaralyn range, there are plenty of options available!

Freestanding fireplaces 

Freestanding fireplaces are an excellent choice for flexibility. They can be easily moved and offer the option to use the heat source in different rooms, depending on the family's needs.

Advantages of fireplaces 

Fireplaces offer numerous benefits, including: 

  • Heat: They provide a direct source of heat, perfect for cold winter evenings. 
  • Atmosphere: The crackling sound of burning wood and the dancing flames create a cozy atmosphere. 
  • Character: Fireplaces add character and charm to any space.   
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern fireplaces are designed to be more efficient and consume less energy. 
  • Value Increase: A well-designed fireplace can increase the value of a home.  

Advantages of electric fireplaces 

  • Convenience: Electric fireplaces are easy to install and use, and can often be operated with a remote control. 
  • Safety: Because they do not use real fire, electric fireplaces are safer for families with young children or pets. 
  • Flexibility: Electric fireplaces can be installed in almost any location, as they do not require a chimney or smoke vent.   

Advantages of bioethanol fireplaces 

  • Environmental Friendliness: Bio-ethanol fireplaces produce no smoke, ash, or odor, making them a clean and environmentally friendly heating source. 
  • Design Flexibility: Bio-ethanol fireplaces are available in a wide range of designs and styles, making them perfect for modern interiors. 
  • Flames: Real flames without the drawbacks of a traditional fireplace.  


Installing a fireplace requires expertise and precision. The process typically involves: 

  • Planning: Determine the type of fireplace that best suits your needs and budget. 
  • Location Selection: Choose the ideal location for the fireplace, considering safety regulations and aesthetics. 
  • Construction Preparation: Prepare the space by performing the necessary construction work, such as installing a chimney and building a firebox. Installation: Have the fireplace installed by a professional tradesperson to ensure that everything is correctly placed and connected. 
  • Finishing: Finish the fireplace with materials that match the style of your home, such as stone, tiles, or wood.  

Unlike traditional wood or gas fireplaces, ambiance fireplaces require no maintenance. This makes Xaralyn fireplaces the ideal choice for ambiance and convenience! For every situation, we offer a suitable fireplace application. View all possibilities here and instantly give your home ambiance with a Xaralyn fireplace.

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Our Xaralyn fireplaces are delivered as one piece. The matching Fireplace insert will be delivered in a separate package and is easy to install. You can easily install Wall-mounted Fireplaces by using the manual section "on the wall". With the surround and freestanding fireplaces there is no further assembly required.

Production of these fireplaces starts with a frame of wood. On this wooden frame different stones are stuck in a layer after which the chimney gets its shape. In this way we get a real stone fireplace with all the advantages of real natural stone, but with much less material and much less kilos.

The stones can be left fairly rough; unpolished. The stones can also be polished nicely smooth (matte-shiny); polished

All fireplaces are made by hand from natural stone. Each one is completely unique with natural imperfections. These natural stone fireplaces have a vintage, weathered appearance.

Our Xaralyn fireplaces are delivered as one piece. While the matching fireplace insert will be delivered in a separate package.

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