Natural Stone Fireplace

Natuurstenen open haard

A Fireplace with Real Fire Made of Natural Stone


A natural stone fireplace lasts a lifetime. A natural product is usually a unique product. No two stone fireplaces are exactly the same.

A Xaralyn natural stone fireplace is a unique product! Each fireplace is hand-finished, creating a distinctive look. The special manual finishing gives these mantels a 'vintage look'. Due to this finish, this fireplace can be used in practically any interior style.

Each natural stone mantel is unique! Xaralyn uses high-quality natural stone products currently available in white polished, white unpolished, black polished, and anthracite unpolished. Every piece of natural stone is unique, making each mantel one-of-a-kind.

Our natural stone fireplaces have a wooden base to which we attach a thin layer of stone. The end result is a fully natural stone fireplace with low weight. This saves precious materials and a lot of weight. It's more environmentally friendly, not only due to the resource savings but also because of reduced transportation costs (less weight = lower transport costs).

Because of the lower weight, the fireplace is also much easier to move and becomes more like a piece of furniture.

All natural stone fireplaces can be combined with various electric or bio-ethanol fireplaces. A unique fireplace completely personalized!

By choosing an environmentally friendly insert fireplace in this fireplace, no smoke gases or fine particles are emitted. A fireplace without harmful emissions doesn't need to be connected to a flue. This means no heat is lost in the chimney, and all the heat from the fireplace is efficiently utilized.

A Xaralyn natural stone fireplace can be placed practically anywhere. Space-saving and portable because no chimney is required.

Why continue to choose a wood-burning stove, wood fireplace, or gas fireplace? A bio-ethanol fireplace provides real flames with a biological fuel. No dust or soot in the house, healthier for humans and animals, better for our environment. If you're looking for the ambiance and warmth of a fireplace, choose an electric fireplace

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A fireplace with real fire, environmentally friendly, and without a chimney.


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