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FAQ about Water Vapor Fireplaces 

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The Opti-Myst or water vapor fireplaces create a flame image by projecting light on ultra-fine water vapor. The water vapor is generated by an ultrasonic evaporation with an evaporator, after which the water vapor rises by means of the heat of halogen lamps or a heat coil. Water vapor fireplaces are very maintenance-sensitive due to the combination of water (lime) and electricity.

The water vapor of the Opti-Myst fireplace mainly increases due to the addition of heat. This heat can come from a heating coil or from halogen lamps. 

In the case of using LED lamps there is a heating coil in the Opti-Myst. In case of using halogen lamps, this heating coil is not necessary. 

The energy consumption of the halogen lamps is less than the consumption of LED lamps in combination with a heating coil.

It is recommended to regularly clean the evaporator and watertank of the Opti-Myst fireplace. The evaporator will last between 6-12 months with normal use and must then be replaced. 

Using water with less lime and regular cleaning will extend the life of the evaporator.

Can I still buy halogen lamps for my water vapor fireplace?

Yes, these can be ordered via our website.

The production or import of halogen lamps for direct connection to the mains (such as lighting) has been banned within the EU since 1 September 2018. The halogen lamps used in a water vapor fire are outside this prohibition. 

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