Warranty provisions Xaralyn | Clean Fire System

Advice: Keep the packaging of your electric or bio ethanol fireplace. In case we need to provide service for this device, it will need to be sent to us, and packaging materials will be required for this purpose.

​Below you will find a description of how warranty claims are handled. This description does not affect the legal warranty to which a consumer is entitled. Legal warranty means that a product should do what the consumer can reasonably expect it to do or be.

Warranty period
The warranty starts from the moment the product is delivered to the first end user1). In this case, the date on the purchase receipt serves as the delivery date. The warranty period is 24 months.

Type of warranty
Carry-in warranty. You send the product back to us yourself or you will receive a return label for this purpose. For products that are not accepted by a parcel service, we will make arrangements with a freight forwarder on your behalf.

Scope of the warranty
The warranty covers defects caused by errors in the composition of the product. Parts subject to wear and tear are excluded from warranty coverage. Warranty coverage is provided on the condition that the end user demonstrates that any defects, errors, or damage are not the direct or indirect result of:

  1. incorrect installation, i.e., installation contrary to the installation instructions or (in the absence of such instructions) contrary to proper expertise,
  2. ​use of incorrect or outdated fuel or vaporizer water,
  3. improper, unprofessional use, unprofessional maintenance, or misuse,
  4. use of incompatible loose parts or accessories (e.g., decoration sets and glass panels),
  5. transport, installation, or any other form of manipulation,
  6. ​product modifications,
  7. other defects, errors, or damage that are not the result of material defects or production errors or structural flaws, which the above enumeration is not exhaustive of.

Furthermore, warranty coverage is provided on the condition that any defects, errors, or damage are not the direct or indirect result of neglecting compliance with legal requirements for regular inspection and maintenance, negligence in maintenance as described in the user manual, or that any defects, errors, or damage could not have been prevented by maintenance as described in the user manual.

Claim warranty
To invoke this warranty, the end user must submit a complaint to Xaralyn or the dealer from whom the product was purchased within the warranty period3), preferably within two months after the end user discovered or reasonably should have discovered the defect. The end user can fill out a service form on Xaralyn's website, providing a description of the defects. The end user should carefully complete all fields of the service form and include the proof of purchase2).

The end user or dealer is responsible for the transportation to Xaralyn. Xaralyn will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the product.

Repairs under warranty
When repairs are carried out by Xaralyn under this warranty, the remaining warranty period for the product will be extended by the time that has elapsed from the moment the complaint was filed until the repair is completed.

Replacement delivery
Replacement delivery will take place free of charge by replacing the old Xaralyn product with a new product of the same kind, type, and quality. If at the time of filing the complaint, the product is no longer in production or is not made in exactly the same version (shape, color, covering, finish, etc.), Xaralyn is allowed to replace the Xaralyn product with a similar product. 5)

​The end user is responsible for picking up the product from the Xaralyn dealer, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Repair in cases not covered by the warranty.
If the claim by the end user is not covered by this warranty, the end user is responsible for the transportation costs to and from the repair center or the travel costs of the installer to and from the end user. Additionally, the end user bears all costs, including labor costs incurred by the installer for examining the product, as well as the costs for disassembling and reassembling the product.

If, after being informed about the non-coverage of the warranty and the estimated price for the out-of-warranty repair, the end user wishes to proceed with the repair, the end user will additionally pay for any used spare parts and for the incurred labor costs.

Filing a complaint
Vervelend dat u een klacht heeft maar we lossen deze graag op. Is het antwoord niet snel te vinden op onze website neem dan contact op met onze klantenservice.

We're sorry to hear that you have a complaint, but we would like to resolve it for you. If you can't find the answer quickly on our website, please contact our customer service.

Xaralyn B.V.
Attention: Head of Sales
Vreekesweid 30
1721 PR Broek op Langedijk
The Netherlands

If the head of sales cannot assist you to your satisfaction, you can submit your complaint to the  Thuiswinkel Disputes Committee. JYou can also submit your complaint to the disputes committee via the European ODR Platform.

Notes: additional explanation of the above provisions.

Note 1:
"End user" refers to the natural or legal person who owns the product and has not acquired it for the purpose of resale or installation for commercial purposes.

Note 2:
If the end user is unable to document the moment of delivery, Xaralyn reserves the right to determine the start of the warranty based on documentation that provides the estimated production date.

Note 3: 
The end-user is responsible for the documentation of and proving that the product hasn't passed the warranty period.

Note 4:
When a product is repaired covered by the Xaralyn warranty, the remaining warranty period of the product will be extended with the period expired from the moment of the submission of the complaint until the completion of the repair.

Note 5:
A repair of a product passed the warranty period has a new warranty period thereafter of 3 months.