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Who doesn't dream of having a beautiful fireplace at home?

If you spot a fireplace on TV, chances are it's a Xaralyn fireplace. Xaralyn is the most well-known brand for decorative fireplaces in the Netherlands. We are a regular sponsor of SBS6 programs like "Grote Huisverbouwing"  and "Grote Tuinverbouwing" . You'll also find us featured on RTL4 in shows like "VT Wonen," "Eigen Huis en Tuin" , and "Kopen zonder Kijken".

We are convinced that a fireplace without a chimney, one that doesn't emit harmful substances, is the fireplace of the future. With an decorative fireplace, you can effectively heat a single room or use it as supplementary heating alongside underfloor heating. Just as when Tesla conceived the idea of an electric car in 2003, the major car manufacturers didn't take them seriously at first.

In all home improvement programs, we demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate a fireplace. Since there's no need for a chimney, almost any design can be accommodated in any location. Such fireplaces offer far more possibilities than traditional wood or gas fireplaces.

​Ultimately, a fireplace represents coziness and homeliness. For many consumers, a fireplace ranks high on their wish list. Unjustly, they think that a fireplace is an unattainable dream. We show that dreaming is no longer necessary! There's an decorative fireplace for every budget!

Follow the episodes of "Grote Huisverbouwing" and "Grote Tuinverbouwing," or better yet, order your ambiance fireplace today and enjoy the fireplace of the future tomorrow!

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