Bioethanol without odor

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The purest bioethanol, odorless


Bioethanol falls under the category of biofuels.
Biofuel encompasses all types of fuels made from biomass. The use of a biofuel like bioethanol as a replacement for fossil fuel helps reduce CO2 emissions. Besides reducing CO2 emissions, the use of biofuels also contributes to the reduction of soot and fine particle emissions. Additionally, it reduces our dependence on politically and economically unstable regions from where many fossil resources for fuels originate. Biofuels can also stimulate domestic agriculture and industry, creating new local employment opportunities.

The difference between ethanol and bioethanol lies in the source of the raw material. Ethanol is derived from petroleum, while bioethanol is derived from plants or crops.

Bioethanol fireplace as a replacement for a wood-burning stove.
A wood-burning stove loses a significant amount of its efficiency through the chimney. A wood fireplace requires a good chimney to expel unhealthy and polluting fine particles outside. Due to this, many cities are considering banning wood-burning stoves. A bioethanol fireplace loses minimal efficiency as an external chimney is not needed. For now, a bio-ethanol fireplace is recommended primarily for supplemental heating.

Bioethanol fireplace as a replacement for a gas fireplace.
To comply with the Paris climate agreements, the government is aiming to reduce CO2 emissions. With the gas supply in the Netherlands being phased out, the days of the gas fireplace seem numbered. As houses are becoming better insulated and there is increasing interest in passive or energy-efficient homes, a smaller heat source is often sufficient. Paired with geothermal heat, a bio ethanol fireplace might potentially replace a gas fireplace in the future.

Original BioEthanol
100% pure bioethanol doesn't mean the ethanol or alcohol content is 100%. The biological equilibrium of bioethanol is 4% water and 96% ethanol. Xaralyn Original bioethanol is very pure, derived from various crops and plant residues. It burns cleanly without emitting other substances, resulting in barely noticeable odor when ignited. Original bioethanol is sold only in liter bottles with a spray cap. This budget-friendly bio-ethanol serves as an affordable fuel for your bioethanol fireplace.

CL100 Bioethanol 
Xaralyn CL100 bioethanol is equally pure, mainly obtained from maize. CL100 bioethanol is exclusively sold in liter bottles with an extended patented spray cap.


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