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Would you like to give your living room a warm and cozy atmosphere without the hassle of renovation? Then a fireplace furniture piece from Xaralyn is the perfect solution! Our fireplace furniture offers a direct and stylish solution for your space.  

TV furniture with fireplace

Discover the versatility of our collection with options such as a TV furniture with fireplace built-in fireplace. We offer TV furniture with two types of built-in fireplaces. Choose between a bio-ethanol built-in fireplace or an electric built-in fireplace. Be surprised and inspired by our beautiful fireplace furniture and transform your living space into a cozy and inviting environment!

€ 1,899.00 1899.0 EUR
€ 769.00 769.0 EUR
€ 2,659.00 2659.0 EUR
€ 2,699.00 2699.0 EUR
€ 1,829.00 1829.0 EUR

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