Bioethanol Fireplace with CE Marking

Bio ethanolhaard met CE markering

How safe is a bioethanol burner with a CE marking?


A CE marking on a bioethanol fireplace is not a guarantee of safety for a bioethanol fireplace.

The CE marking on a bioethanol fireplace indicates that an imported fireplace meets the minimum production, environmental, and safety requirements of the European Union. There is no official EU control; it is a declaration by the manufacturer that a specific product complies with the applicable minimum requirements, and the conformity procedures have been carried out.

If labeling is not legally required, products should not be voluntarily labeled. Advertising with CE marks is not allowed. The CE label is not a certification but a requirement for distributing a product on the European market. Terms like "CE-tested" or "CE-certified" are considered misleading advertising. Violations can be fined up to €10,000.00.

Especially for products with higher safety risks, such as bioethanol fireplaces, the European Union has developed standards. This European Norm (EN) represents strict safety requirements, and ideally, every bioethanol fireplace sold should comply with this norm.

For a consumer, a CE label has little added value since a product that does not meet the minimum EU requirements cannot be sold in the EU. If a product complies with the European Norm (EN), it is clear that it has truly met all the conditions for a safe product.

According to the European Commission, a safe bioethanol fireplace or bioethanol burner should comply with EN 16647:2015, the standard for safe bioethanol burners.

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