Bioethanol burners

Bioethanol burners

Xaralyn bioethanol burners: Best tested for safety

Are you looking for the ideal safe bioethanol burner to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home? At Xaralyn you will find an extensive range of bioethanol burners.

Xaralyn is the only manufacturer that works with a ceramic burner. But what does this actually mean? Inside the burner there is a ceramic stone, which, as it were, absorbs itself with alcohol. This means there is less chance of leakage, a longer burning time and there is no longer boiling combustion, but constant evaporation.

These burners produce real flames without emitting harmful substances, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious households in the Netherlands. A bioethanol burner burns cleanly and brings warmth and ambiance to any space without needing a chimney or external venting systems.

All Xaralyn bio-ethanol burners are the first in Europe to comply with both the strict DIN 4734-1 and the European standard EN 16647:2015 for safety.

Inside the burner there is a ceramic stone

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Advantages of bioethanol burners

These ceramic bio-ethanol burners offer the perfect option for households without a flue or gas connection that still want to enjoy the ambiance of a real flame. These fireplaces are easy to install and use, making them an excellent choice for almost any space.

What exactly is bioethanol?

Bioethanol is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective fuel produced from renewable raw materials. When bioethanol burns, it produces mainly water vapor and minimal amounts of carbon dioxide, resulting in a significantly smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional fuels. These properties make bio-ethanol an excellent choice for sustainable heating and ambiance in the home. Unlike traditional wood stoves or gas fireplaces, bioethanol fireplaces are a greener option and much easier to use and maintain.

The advantages of ceramic bioethanol burners

These ceramic bioethanol burners offer the perfect solution for households without a flue or gas connection that still want to enjoy the ambiance of a real flame. These fireplaces are easy to install and use, making them an excellent choice for almost any space. In addition, the ceramic stones in our burners ensure that the bioethanol is absorbed like a sponge, resulting in controlled evaporation instead of boiling combustion. This not only makes our burners more economical and efficient, but also safer to use.

Simple and safe filling

Xaralyn bioethanol burners are designed with ease of use and safety in mind. The burners are filled through a separate filling hole using a funnel, so you do not have to fill the burner from the same hole where the flames come out. In addition, our burners are equipped with a special slide. When the flame hole is closed, the filling hole opens, which further increases safety.

Installation and Use

Xaralyn bio-ethanol burners are easy to install and use. You can build them into a piece of furniture, wall or other object of your choice, allowing you to create your own unique atmospheric fireplace. Due to the flexibility in design and ease of use, these burners are suitable for almost any room in your home. Thanks to the use of bioethanol, a biological fuel.

Xaralyn bioethanol wall firplace in a modern livingroom

Lifetime warranty with the safest Xaralyn bioethanol burner

Xaralyn gives a lifetime warranty on all its bio-ethanol burners and bioethanol fireplaces. All Xaralyn bioethanol burners are the first in Europe to comply with both the strict DIN 4734-1 and the European standard EN 16647:2015 for safety.

Sustainability and longevity are priorities

By keeping our production close to home, we have better quality control, shorter delivery times, use less packaging and require less energy for transport, all of which ultimately benefits us environmentally. This choice may initially require paying more, but ultimately bio-ethanol offers products with a longer lifespan.

Safety and sustainability

Our bioethanol fireplaces are designed with safety and sustainability in mind. The burner, with unique patented ceramic stone, ensures constant evaporation and prevents the risk of leakage or uncontrolled flames. This makes the burner not only safer, but also more efficient, which contributes to the durability of the fireplace. These properties make our fireplaces a responsible choice for every household.

Ease of maintenance and user-friendliness

The simplicity of use and minimal maintenance are important advantages of our bioethanol fireplaces. Without ash, soot or other combustion residues, these fireplaces are easy to keep clean. Refilling the fuel is a simple process and our filling and closing system makes use even easier and safer. Extinguish the fire immediately and fill the bio-ethanol in a separate filling hole with a funnel. These aspects increase user-friendliness and ensure a worry-free experience.

Different models and installation options

From fireplace hanging on the wall to​ freestanding bioethanol modelsWe offer a wide range of bioethanol fireplaces that suit different living styles and spaces. Each option offers unique installation options and designs, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere and warmth in your home.

Filling a bioethanol burner

Personalize your traditional bioethanol fireplace

To provide the traditional character of a fireplace, our bio-ethanol range has fireplaces that can be combined with a bio-ethanol unit. You choose a fireplace, then you determine the material or color. You can further personalize this fireplace by choosing from the various electric or bio-ethanol built-in fireplaces. For some mantelpieces, more than 40 combinations are possible in this way.

Freestanding fireplaces and table models: flexibility at its best

Our freestanding bio ethanol stoves and table models offer unparalleled flexibility. They can be easily moved to where the ambiance or warmth is most desired, acting as a modern fireplace that suits any setting.​

Advice for choosing the right model

When choosing the right bio-ethanol fireplace, it is important to take into account the size of the room, the desired atmosphere and your personal style. Our team is ready to advise you and ensure that you find the perfect fireplace that meets all your needs.

Warmth and atmosphere in every room

A fireplace that burns bioethanol can transform any room, adding warmth and a pleasant atmosphere without the complications of a traditional fireplace.

How much heat does a bioethanol fireplace provide?

Bio-ethanol burners are ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in smaller spaces. Although they are not primarily intended as a main heating source, they can provide up to 4 kW of heat, which is enough to comfortably heat a small room. As a decorative fireplace, they can certainly contribute to the comfort in your home.​

The visual appeal of a living fire without smoke

A bioethanol burner offers a unique visual appeal, without the smoke associated with traditional fireplaces. This not only makes our fireplaces an eye-catcher in any room, but also creates a cozy traditional atmosphere in your home.​

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Our bio-ethanol burners are perfect for any setting. Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room or are looking for a unique accent for your terrace, our fireplaces fit everywhere. Without the need for a flue or chimney, they offer unprecedented flexibility and ease of installation and use.

Bioethanol fireplace as roomdivider or outdoor fireplace

Safety and installation

Safety comes first in the design of our bioethanol fireplaces. They are designed to be not only stylish, but also extremely safe. With proper installation and use, our fireplaces provide a safe, smoke-free source of warmth and ambiance. We will guide you every step of the way, from selection to installation, to ensure your experience with our products is worry-free.

How do you handle a bioethanol fireplace safely?

To enjoy your bioethanol fireplace safely, it is important to handle the fuel correctly. Bioethanol is a clean, but highly flammable liquid. We always recommend filling the fireplace completely before lighting the fireplace. This way you can enjoy your fireplace safely and optimally.

Step-by-step plan for installing a bioethanol fireplace

Installing your new bioethanol fireplace is easy and straight forward with our manual. Follow our step-by-step instructions for a smooth installation.

Use the manual for installation instructions

When installing a bio-ethanol fireplace, it is important to consult the manual. Although our fireplaces do not have the same installation requirements as traditional fireplaces, it is good to check in advance whether an idea is suitable and feasible. This way you not only guarantee safety, but also prevent possible problems in the future.​

Maintenance and durability

The durability and ease of maintenance of our fireplaces are unparalleled. A Xaralyn fireplace is designed to last for years, completely maintenance-free. This way you can enjoy your fireplace for longer without having to worry about time-consuming maintenance.

The convenience of bio-ethanol fuel

Using bioethanol as fuel brings many conveniences. The bio-ethanol bottles are easy to use and ensure clean combustion. This means no ash or soot and minimal emissions, making our fireplaces an environmentally conscious choice for your home. We offer bio-ethanol in a box of 12 bottles.

Built-in bioethanol fireplace - burning flames

Long burning time and efficiency of bioethanol fireplaces

Our bioethanol fireplaces are designed for a long burning time and efficiency. Without the need for a flue or chimney, the gases released are kept to a minimum, giving you more heat with less fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive questions about our bioethanol fireplaces. A frequently asked question is how our fireplaces compare to other types, such as gas fireplaces or stoves. Our bioethanol fireplaces offer safe and clean combustion, without the need for a chimney or gas connection. This makes them an excellent choice for almost any living space. In addition, our fireplaces are designed to create an attractive ambiance, with many different models, each unique in style and heat capacity.

FAQ about bioethanol fireplaces

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​​The Xaralyn bioethanol burner with patented ceramic stone is a revolutionary product, the safest open fire! The big difference between our bioethanol burner and other burners on the market is that the Xaralyn bioethanol burner contains a ceramic core that slowly absorbs the liquid fuel. This causes the burner to not burn pure bioethanol, but the harmless gas it releases, this makes the fire burn more gradually. The result is a safer and cleaner burner, which is easy to ignite and gives a beautiful consistent fire.

A fully filled bio-ethanol fireplace from our Xaralyn brand will burn between 3-4 hours. This offers a pleasant period of warmth and atmosphere in your room. It's important to know that burn time is consistent regardless of burner size, thanks to our efficient evaporation technology.

Combustion of bioethanol mainly emits an odor when the bio-ethanol has not been properly filtered or has been produced from (too many) different raw materials. The alcohol percentage is also very important; the lower the alcohol percentage, the more odor will be noticeable. Bioethanol with a lower percentage of alcohol contains a larger percentage of additives, which results in less pure combustion.

No combustion is completely odorless. One person perceives more smell than another. The combination of bio ethanol and the evaporation from the absorbent ceramic stone in the burner ensures the purest possible combustion, releasing a barely noticeable odor.

If a bioethanol burner is extinguished with a ceramic stone, any odor will be somewhat stronger.

At Xaralyn we understand that every situation is unique. That is why we offer tailor-made advice to find the perfect fireplace for your home. Whether you are looking for a safer option without a flue or an attractive addition to your interior, we are happy to help you. It is also important to take into account the placement of the fireplace to ensure optimal distribution of heat and atmosphere.

Our experts are ready to guide you in making the right choice, so that your fireplace fits perfectly with your lifestyle and furnishings.

Our burners are designed with ease of use in mind. To light the bioethanol burner, simply slide the top open to reveal the burn opening and the white ceramic stone. Then use a USB or normal lighter to light the saturated stone. It is a unique and safe method to enjoy your fireplace.

A warm and attractive future in your home

We at Xaralyn are committed to providing eco-friendly, safe and stylish bioethanol fireplaces for every home. Our fireplaces are designed to add warmth and ambiance without the complications of traditional fireplaces. Discover the many possibilities and enjoy cozy moments by the fire.

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bioethanol fireplace as a roomdivider in a modern livingroom

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